The Circulation of Dutch Literature

CODL, ‘The Circulation of Dutch Literature’, is a research programme that studies the international dissemination of Dutch literature through translations and adaptations. CODL launched in 2012 and now consists of several subprojects. Read more about them by clicking on their icons below.

CODL is proud to announce the publication of a new book: Doing Double Dutch: The International Circulation of Literature from the Low Countries (Leuven University Press)







CODL endeavours to provide insight into the position of a smaller, less-translated language within the field of world literature. The programme engages the idea that national literatures are no longer considered as more or less autonomous systems, but as parts of an international literary space. These tendencies are also apparent in the study of Dutch literature, which is increasingly regarded as a network of texts and poetics connected to other languages and literatures.

Cooperation is central to CODL’s mission. One of the practical difficulties of studying the pathways of the circulation of literature is the knowledge of languages and cultures necessary for this. CODL aims to solve this challenge by consolidating a network of people who possess a knowledge of the Dutch language and expertise in at least one other target language and culture.

CODL is coordinated by Elke Brems (University of Leuven, Belgium), Orsolya Réthelyi (Eötvös Loránd University – ELTE, Budapest, Hungary) and Ton van Kalmthout (Huygens ING, Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

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