The Circulation of Dutch Literature

Beatrijs internationaal


The Beatrijs Internationaal project emerged from an initiative to increase cooperation among researchers working on historical Dutch literature. Its aim was to study the rich international reception of the Middle Dutch narrative poem Beatrijs from the perspective of current translation and reception theories. In addition, the project emphatically sought to create stronger synergy between researchers and instructors of Dutch in the Netherlands and Flanders and their colleagues in Dutch Studies departments abroad (international Dutch Studies), combining this with a deliberate involvement of translation studies.

Importantly, alongside its goal of generating new research on the international reception of Beatrijs, the project has also been an incentive for new, high-quality translations of older Dutch literature. Since the launch of the project, new translations of Beatrijs have appeared in German, Hungarian, Polish, Spanish and Romanian, among others.

The project was coordinated by Dr. Orsolya Réthelyi (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest), Prof. Remco Sleiderink (KU Leuven / University of Antwerp) and Dr Ton van Kalmthout (Huygens Institute KNAW, Amsterdam).

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